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A date with your family

Dad'll be home any minute. Better tell mother she's needed in the kitchen.

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Subject Social guidance films. Description In "A Date With Your Family," Simmel-Meservey, the "ideal" American family has a hard-working father, home-making mother and siblings who run straight home after school to do their chores and hang out with their parents. Traditional gender roles abound and family etiquette is of utmost importance. Creator Simmel, Edward C. Source Prelinger Archive. Publisher Simmel-Meservey.

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In the fifties, there was obviously a market for these films. What's so hard about being considerate? But in reality it was similar.

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Also the brother has to be the biggest tool I have ever seen. Was dinner like this? The odd title reveals its odd thesis: that teenagers should treat a family dinner as if it was a date, a date with someone who they really wanted to be with.

Mon, Dad, Sister, Brother and Junior are going to have a nice family meal together even if it kills them. Producer Simmel-Meservey. Family dinner is a time to work collaboratively, engage in pleasant coversation and be supportive of each other.

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He has had a hard day at the office and in his briefcase are some contracts which must be looked over tonight. Ken Smith sez: This brain-deadening film seems to go on forever, but it's well worth repeated viewing. Hidden : Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Short description is different from Wikidata Template film date with 1 release date.

How we act without regard for the feelings of others.

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I will be adding many more titles every chance I get to. The brother and sister seem to be competing for the "Bette Davis Atchievement in Over Acting Award," while the father is just pissed off. There is no room in the perfect family dinner for emotions, child requests of any kind, or any other kind of talk likely to stir the emotions.

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You can see this in how the older brother doesn't even have his own room but has to share it with his little brother probably a decade younger than him. Not a missionary, but preparing for Mennonite church membership and to become an Herbalist, I am ready to share what I have learnt with anyone who doesn't want to demean, but to share or learn: batson.

Publisher Simmel-Meservey. The pursuit of a pious, gentil nobility was to be in the reach 'of even the poorest families'.

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Then the older brother meets Father to have a pleasant chat. Half star for content, but this was actually so nuts and funny to watch "Pleasant, unemotional conversation helps digestion. Maybe the second "as though they missed him" immediately afterward is sinister, though. The barbarians are, indeed, at the gate. Please see your browser settings for this feature. I think it's their own jaded, cynical and even perverse minds.

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Appalling, and therefore fascinating. Count Rickula Sarcophagus films 21 Edit. No one starts eating until Father has served himself.

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It's really bad. He did not say, 'These boys hate their father, but they are so repressed and terrified of him that they feign pleasure at seeing him. A narrator explains that teenaged "Daughter" and "Brother" treat every meal with their family as if it were "a truly special occasion. Miriam Bucher.

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Children were not really seen as individual people but more as extensions of the parents themselves. This film is far too idealistic-even for the era it was made in. Tell Mother how good the food is. Arthur V. They never learned it at home.

A standard of perfection in family dining is shown that kids are expected to live up to every night! Don't insult your brother or sisters with offensive remarks about friends. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Country USA. It's the 'Brother' and 'Junior' characters that always get me going. Brother just cracks me up as he proves to me that he is the ultimate dweeb ever produced on film. By example, older children can teach younger ones good table manners. Ah, dinnertime. Mom did all the cooking and Dad complimented her every single night. Edward G. I always find this type of stuff entertaining and humorous and although I may not wholey agree, I do get where they were headed with this in terms of the message Hmm, is it that late?

But what's wrong with teaching children good manners, courtesy and responsibility at home?

Where did she get the time to make that handmade centerpiece of flowers from thw garden? How we believe in "my rights, your wrong". Always wait for the hostess, in this case, Mother, to begin eating before you start. Mom may have started dinner earlier but it is now her job to finish it but first must dress up so she will be "visually pleasing" to the men at the table. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Citation Simmel, Edward C. Miriam Bucher. Social "Guidance" Films Zephyr films 41 Edit.

As for the quote about the boys greeting their father 'as though' they are happy to see him, there's nothing sinister in the line at all. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book.

From the smooth yet authoritative voice-over by Hugh Beaumont Ward, I'm worried abut the Beaver tooto the rigid roles each family member must conform to So you better know how to behave in our perfect society. While it's wonderful that contemporary family life shuns such rigidity, we should be cautious not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

This kind of repression was the dark side of the "nice" families portrayed in sitcoms of the period. The subject family consists of a father, mother and their children - a daughter, older son and a younger son. I can say from experience that few things are less pleasant as a kid than being compelled to play-act over the dinner table at being a happy family, but that's just what this short film tells us to do. Wishful thinking on behalf of the script writer.

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Let Father and Mother guide the conversational trend if they desire. It's not even interesting propaganda like Duck and Cover. A simple centerpiece made with some flowers which grow in the backyard is another of Daughter's contributions to dinner. There is no family so busy but that it can come together in the evening for a dinner date which will give its members something to look back upon with happiness, all their days. This is a time of pleasure and charm and relaxation, remember?

The short provides the following tropes.

I watched this in my U. So, just laugh at it if you will, just don't get full of yourself. Now let's sit back and see how many people attack this review because they never learned manners at home, and feel safe attacking strangers in a public forum.

Reviewer: Kieran Kenney - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 12, Subject: Interminable Oh my god. When the dinner hour at home is treated with a certain amount of grace and ceremony, it can be memorable. They don't pick this time of the day to spring unpleasant surprises on dad. Harry F. I don't understand why people have such venom and contempt when reviewing this film - and pretty much every film from the s and s.

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